Thursday, 25 April 2013

Gringo Star: Why Brazil fell in love with Clarence Seedorf

"Garrincha style", read the GloboEsporte headline following Botafogo's 4-1 victory over Nova Iguacu on 14 April, in reference to a bandy-legged dribble performed by the game's standout player. The trick – a kind of full-body, drunken-master feint – created enough space to whip in a cross, from which teammate Nicolás Lodeiro headed home. The name of the club's most famous son is not evoked lightly, but this was Mané through and through.

Yet the skill didn't come from a young Brazilian, an upstart pretender to the great entertainer's throne. It was performed by a veteran. By a gringo, of all people. It was performed by Clarence Seedorf.

Read the rest of this article, on Seedorf's Brazilian renaissance, at ESPN FC.

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