Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pressure on Scolari as Brazil flatter to deceive

Expectation is a strange beast. When managed well, it can spur teams on; when allowed to grow unchecked, it can be a yoke around their necks. In Brazilian football, the default level of expectation is "sky high". Sometimes this is due simply to excitement; sometimes the clumsy hand of partisanship is at work. Either way, no one feels the breath down the backs of their necks more than football managers in Brazil. You're the coach of a modest, bottom-of-the-table club that LOST to a title contender?! Here's your P45. You lost two games out of six despite half your first team being injured and having no budget to replace them? On your bike.

Luiz Felipe Scolari is not unaccustomed to lofty expectations. He's probably had a tour of one of Roman Abramovich's mansions/boats/oil fields, after all. When he was reappointed Brazil manager in November, he knew exactly what he was letting himself in for.

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