Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A$$is Rides Again

At around 5pm on Tuesday, a familiar figure walked into the Flamengo club shop. Assis, the agent and brother of Ronaldinho Gaúcho, appeared to be doing some gift shopping.

But things were not as they initially seemed. After piling around 40 items - including club jerseys, hats and baby clothing - into his trolley, Assis proceeded to make an announcement to shocked onlookers. "Flamengo haven't paid my brother," he uttered clearly, "so I'm not going to pay either." Intending to leave without paying for the merchandise, he demanded plastic bags to help him lift the loot.

A member of staff, understandably baffled by events, challenged the agent, who then called Fla director of finance Michel Levy. Around ninety (!) minutes later, with Levy having come to the scene of the almost-crime, it was decided that Assis could take 25 Flamengo shirts - the number to which Levy was entitled through his role at the club - without paying for them.

You'd think this would have satisfied Assis, but apparently not. The 41-year-old grabbed two more items: towels emblazoned with the image of his brother. He then - brilliantly - paid for the towels (!!) and left.

All in a day's work for the man nicknamed A$$is by some typographically-minded soul.

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