Saturday, 31 December 2011

Some Things SKP Wrote in 2011

Over the course of a year, articles can get lost in the bustling hubbub of the internet. The following is a list of pieces that I was reasonably pleased to have written for various third-party sites over the last twelve months. Enjoy or ignore at your own discretion.

January - My Favourite Goal: Ronaldinho vs. Chelsea (for GhostGoal)

February - Tribute to Ronaldo Fenômeno. (for In Bed With Maradona)

March - Neymar profile (for ITV)

April - launch of Games Against Nature

May - Campeonato Brasileiro preview (for In Bed With Maradona)

June - The Great Pretender (for In Bed With Maradona)

July - Great goals wasted in friendly matches (for FourFourTwo).

August - feature on the Brazil U20 side (for World Soccer)

September - André Santos profile (for ITV)

September - The Hamit Altintop Rocky Horror Stockholm Syndrom Experience (for Twisted Blood)

(I appear to have been slacking in October...)

November - Flu Outbreak (for The Guardian)

November - The Emperor Strikes Back (for The Guardian)

December - Brasileirão end-of-season awards (for In Bed With Maradona)

*** Shameless self-promotion ends ***

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  1. Hi Jack,

    This is a little random, but I've been following Games Against Nature for a few months now, and was wondering if I could use some images and/or poems for an Australian football fanzine.

    I wasn't sure of any other way to contact you. Can you please drop me a line at ?

    Kind regards,

    The Editor