Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Hamit Altintop Rocky Horror Stockholm Sydrome Experience

Firstly, an admission; the following plug is entirely unrelated to Brazil (Christ, it's hardly even related to football). It is, however, an article ("article") penned by SKP's own fair hand, and thus finds its way onto this page.

Twisted Blood, an excellent blog run by the inimitable Andrew Thomas, has been running a series entitled "Through Gritted Teeth," in which various writers have detailed their begrudging affection for certain characters within the beautiful game. My effort is the latest entry into this growing pantheon of loveable rogues, and concerns José Mourinho. It also concerns Real Madrid new boy Hamit Altintop. And his (probably entirely fictional) Stockholm syndrome. And The Rocky Horror Picture Show...

It's probably just better to read it, before you get any more confused. Click here to be whisked away to the page in question.

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