Friday, 23 April 2010


Hello future readers!

A warm welcome to my football blog. Here, I shall be writing about world football, with a focus on the real home of the beautiful game: Brazil. I hope to provide an interesting (if potentially incoherent) blend of news, opinion, reports, and links.

First, a bit about me. My name is Jack Lang and I'm a postgraduate student living in London. If you hadn't guessed yet, I love football. Hopefully I have some interesting things to say about it.

My experiences have led me to take an interest in football not only in the UK, but in Europe and further afield. I lived in Lyon for a year, during which time I spent more time reading France Football and L'Équipe than I did going to classes. I honestly think I learnt more French at Stade Gerland than I did anywhere else.

France, though, was in hindsight just a stepping stone. It was there that I met my girlfriend; a Brazilian girl from Rio. Now before this, my knowledge of Brazilian football (and culture for that matter) was limited. Obviously all fans have drooled over Pelé, Zico, Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho during World Cups, and flocked to watch Brazilians playing in Europe. But in the last few years, I've been to Brazil a number of times, been to the stadiums, and started following the game there in more detail.

I speak Portuguese, so am hopefully in a position to relay not only my opinions on the Brazilian game, but also those of the Brazilian press. This should prove particularly exciting given this is a World Cup year; indeed I shall be in Brazil for the majority of the tournament, and will try to give my readers a glimpse of the excitement that will undoubtedly grip the country.

So, thanks for reading. I have some ideas for regular blog features (players to watch, reports from my trips to games, weekly round-ups of the Brazilian league), so do check back to see how this page develops. Also feel free to message me with any inquiries.

Enough introduction, vamos lá!

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